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Trakers-HR brings your employees together and is the ultimate solution for Start-ups and Small to Medium Enterprises.It acts as a Single Point of Contact for all your organization needs.

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  • High Standards

    A standard is a statement about how you live your life, for example, I am a person who is always positive. It specifies what is the level of behavior that you follow. To raise the quality of your life, set higher standards.

  • Extreme Security

    Security, in information technology (IT), is the defense of digital information and IT assets against internal and external, malicious and accidental threats.

  • Creative Minds

    A creative person has the ability to invent and develop original ideas, especially in the arts.

Attendance Management

Track your employee’s attendance, check-in check-out timings, leaves and capture reports of absenteeism.

Mark Attendance

Mark attendance with just a click of button. Report to work from anywhere by sending a single request.

Regularise Attendance

Location Validation on the basis of Check-In and Check-Out. Real-time synchronization of attendance status

API Integration

Track your employee’s daily login habits with API integrated attendance management system and get reports for late-ins and early-outs.

Centralized Employee Directory

Everything about your employees in one place. Search for any specific employee through his id, name, contact number etc through the employee database.


As an administrator easily add new employees to the existing database or upload multiple, through spreadsheets.


Easily extract & export information about any employee from the employee directory and get to know more about them.

Leave Management

An easy self service interface for users to check leave balances and apply leave online, check status of applied leave, view past leave history.

Leave Request

When requesting a formal leave of absence, your letter should include: Reason for a leave of absence, the dates you expect to be away from work and the date you plan to return to work.

Leave Balances

In addition, the leave balances on the Earnings Statement include the accrual earned on the last day of the month that is available to use the first of the next month.

Reports Generation

The report generation module allows you to directly extract all the information you want from the database with the volume, velocity, and variety of data.

Employee Self Service

Through the Self-service portal employees can claim their expenses like travel allowance or any other amount incurred on behalf of the company. The panel also includes the option to upload the bill for the expenses which eliminates any kind of confusion.

Update Profile

The user can use the Profile Updates feature to create forms that will allow recipients to add or update personal information.

Shift Management

HR is able to schedule shifts of an employee for a whole month or can even change the already scheduled shift to another shift for a single day.

Document Management

This system used to track, manage and store documents. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users.

Payroll Management

The payroll management process refers to the administration of an employee’s financial records which includes the salaries, wages, bonuses, deductions, and net pay.



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